Sarah, a speaker with Stonecroft Ministries and a Bible study leader, is available to speak to groups on various topics. Her message is one of hope and encouragement that speaks to those who have experienced trauma and face discouragement in their daily lives. The Lord desires for us all to live a life free from the chains of the past.

Press Release Excerpt

Traumatic events from her early life haunted Sarah for years. As a result, she acquired her love of stories when she created adventures to help herself fall asleep. Now she desires to share the hope and healing she has found. Sarah, a blogger, has been published in Whispers of Grace, Macaroni Kid, and Inkspirations Online. A president and mentor with Word Weavers International and a Asbury University graduate, she is a Speak Up certificed speaker and regularly attends writing conferences. 

After homeschooling her two sons, Sarah Schwerin is ready to begin her second career as an author and speaker. She desires to bring hope and encouragement to those who feel the weight of the past drawing them back into the chains of depression and anxiety. An abuse survivor, Sarah brings Biblically sound encouragement to audiences by sharing her experiences of healing and living with the effects of abuse, anxiety, and depression.

Sample Speaking Topics:

From Setback to Setup: Climbing Out of What Holds You Back

Have you ever been stuck in a pit of hopelessness? Has something been done to you or have you made decisions that left you feeling that there was no way out? God wants to heal us from the shame and trauma we carry. He wants us to live lives full of joy and peace. Using biblical examples and life stories, Sarah gives listeners a plan to find hope and healing amid circumstances that threaten to drag them under.

True or False: What Should We Believe and Why does it Even Matter?

Truth is relative. Or is it? In our world, it's hard to know what to believe. The opinions of others shout so loudly in our ears, we hear little else. Why does it even matter what we believe? Using Colossians 2, Sarah shows audiences that our worldview is important and determines how we act. When we believe Jesus is all we need, we have the power to defeat the enemy's lies because the power of God lives in us. Sarah leaves audiences with an action plan for living in the truth instead of relying on other's opinions.  

Finding Rest in Our Hectic World

Our schedules are jam-packed. It's hard to find time to do everything we need to do. Rest always gets pushed to last place on most people's to-do list. And sometimes rest means a falling asleep in front of the TV, phone, or another screen. There just isn’t enough time. The Bible tells us that rest is essential. Using references from Hebrews and Genesis, Sarah shows listeners how to embrace God’s rest and how to cultivate a life of meaningful rest.

How's Your Heart?

The daily hurt and trauma of life can cause our hearts to harden. Sometime only a small seed of unbelief can wreak havoc on our heart, leading to spiritual heart disease. In this talk, Sarah helps her audience to perform a spiritual heart checkup. What is a hardened heart and how do you know if you have one? Drawing on real-life examples and the encouragement of Hebrews and Genesis, this talk explores how to prevent and heal hardened hearts.