If only she could escape into the void where she kept all of her unspoken words

Raised in a verbally abusive family, Emily longs for a fresh start away from them. When she goes to college, a confession changes everything. The effects of sexual, verbal and emotional abuse haunt her. Emily yearns to break free from her painful past of crippling anxiety, verbal abuse by her pastor father, and a toxic friendship. After reconnecting with her childhood friend, Leo, and starting college, Emily believes her dreams of a life free from emotional pain will come true. Then her older brother's confession changes everything. 

Repressed memories of sexual abuse surface, sending Emily into a pervasive depression. Emily questions everything in life: family, love, truth, and her relationship with God. As Emily pursues her education, a romance, a career, and starting a family, the effects of sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse continue to haunt her. Will she ever be whole again?

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